Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Katrina and other traumas

My time in California with my college friend and roommate surpassed expectations as we roamed through memories and shared our last twenty years with each other in new and insightful ways. UCLA is gorgeous and we enjoyed walking all over the campus remembering favorite study haunts and food spots.

Then Jon arrived and we went to Riverside to see my entire family celebrate my uncle's birthday. He turned 80 in the company of all who love him (he had 115 people at a luncheon including the mayor who honored him with a city award), which moved me and motivated me to be of such a giving nature.

I returned home to the chaos that is Katrina raging from our TV screens. The incompetence of this administration in the face of true tragedy defies response. I'm speechless.

Then I found this article online that practically predicts the hurricane damage a full year ago (read the opening set of paragraphs and shiver). There was no excuse not to be prepared.

And barely two days into being home, I found out that a local girl we know has left home and needs a place to stay... but is still a minor. For safety reasons, I won't share why she left but use your fertile imaginations... No one leaves her family home without money or a place to go without good reason. Worse, she comes from a homeschooled "Christian" (I use that term loosely) environment. We are trying to help her find a place to live.

What's wrong with people?


Dave said...

That Geographic article is indeed shiver-inducing. Sorry to hear about this young woman's troubles - very tough situation for everyone involved... and I thought it was emotional having kids move off to college. I imagine her parents are pretty torn up, especially given what I can imagine went into their plans for her upbringing. Are you a part of the problem-solving process, or just a concerned bystander?

julieunplugged said...

We want to be a part of the solution but find it difficult since our relationship to the parents has been cut off by them.

I sent you an email. Thanks for asking.


my15minutes said...

Nice about your uncle. I love being in the presence of inspiring people!

Haven't talked to you in way too long. I'll try to call soon.