Sunday, May 11, 2008

With permission via the DailyKos

This about says it all: So popular, they ran out of the REAL bumper stickers.

You're looking at your Democratic Presumptive Nominee: Barack Obama.


Dave said...

Barack will be in Grand Rapids MI tomorrow night! (Wednesday) And I WILL BE THERE!

Woo hoo. :) I'm delighted and excited to FINALLY get a first-hand glimpse at Campaign 2008!

No word on if Michelle will be there, but I can promise that the Van Andel Arena in downtown GR is the hottest place to be in the state tomorrow night! Regardless of wherever the Pistons or Red Wings might happen to be playing. :)

I think I will mention it on my blog...

Davis said...

Can this be true? Can it really happen in November? Please God!!