Monday, January 14, 2008

Ron Paul and Racism

There's a firestorm a-brewin' over Ron Paul's racist remarks from his campaigns in the 1990s demonstrated by articles in his newsletter and in interviews. I've got a couple of links for those interested:

CNN Report (including excerpts)

Latest Politics

American Thinker

I haven't been a Ron Paul supporter mostly because I picked up his white attitude on his own campaign website.

Ron Paul 2008 Racism

Libertarians appeal to me a lot, but not when it comes to complicated issues like race. The solution isn't to pretend that Americans can ignore race, but to address just how they do in fact use race to their personal advantages or to the detriment of others.


Rick said...

His immigration stance bugs me - any political ads showing anyone getting frisked should be flagged.

my15minutes said...

Have you seen his CNN rebuttal with Wolf Blitzer on YouTube? It gives the other side. I'm still a Ron Paul supporter myself. :-)

julieunplugged said...

Thanks Beth. I'll look it up. :)

Dave said...

He dismisses racism way too conveniently - I agree, that approach ain't gonna work. His ideals and theory would just maintain the status quo and show no leadership on the issue, imo.

SusansPlace said...

I went to school with Ron Paul's kids and Ron Paul lived a few blocks from my home...and they had big window through which you could see a big screen tv(before they were the vogue) with news He delivered babies prior to diving into the world of politics. Suprisingly, he has a large group of supporters at the University of Texas( a most liberal school) and yet, few conservatives in Texas will back him. I will have to take a look at the links your provided.


Michael said...


Michael said...

If anyone of fellow bloggers here thinks that Libertarians only problem is racism, think again. The problem with Libertarianism is downright pure evil. True, hardcore libertarians, such as Neil Boortz and Ron Paul, are creatures of isolationism right down to the individual level. They deplore communion and community and are predators with a sensitive instinct for absolute survival of the fittest, no exceptions. You will find them uniting and working as a group only because they know that their individual survival depends on SIN (Strength in Numbers). They are extreme right nutwingers and if empowered with their own devices and divisions would by their all-for-me none-for-you hedonism eventually destroy all of life, to include their own, on Mother Earth. They are a predatory virus that requires a host to feed upon, which they eventually overwhelm and kill and in the process kill themselves. Fellow bloggers, we were created by the Ineffable God to be brothers and sisters, and notwithstanding that we might argue, disagree and debate, the Purpose and Plan as revealed in the scriptures and gospels is that we is that in order to LIVE, we must LOVE and in order to LOVE, we must LUST. And these require conversion, communion, community and concessions co-joined in a circle (which is the original meaning of church).