Thursday, January 24, 2008 links

I've joined the craze and have added the RSS feed to my sidebar. Most of the stuff on my feed will be related to Brave Writer (my business that teaches writing) because that's what I do most of the time (search for good writing ideas, models, tips for parents and so on). So if you're one of those reluctant writers or a closet novelist or a hack blogger, there'll be good stuff there for you as I find it.

I can't imagine I won't also include good sports writing when I run across it, as I think sports writers are some of the best daily journalists.

Btw, did you know Tiger kicks it off today at the Buick? I need to go see how he's doing, come to think of it. Aha! Through 13, he's at -5 and tied for the lead. Yep, sounds like Tiger.


Dave said...

OK. Nobody has commented on this for several days. I will bite. I've seen in various places for a couple of years but never really bothered looking into what it's all about. What is the appeal? Is this something that could create added value/appeal/convenience to my blog or is it just another gadget thingie that I could add but wouldn't feel like messing with once the novelty wore off? I'm influenced by your opinion. :o) So let me know what you think.

julieunplugged said...

I like it! It's a way to track my Internet journeyings so that others who are interested in similar topics can read articles I found appealing. I think you'd really enjoy it! It's a way to share without having to create a blog entry every time you found a "cool" site.

I find myself clicking on delicious links by my friends and that's what led me to consider adding it to my sidebar.