Thursday, June 29, 2006

Spiritual Vertigo

UPI column

Hi all.

I'll be out of town for the next two weeks starting Sat. I hope to get two more columns in to my editor before then so feel free to check in on Thursdays using this link. It takes you to my list of columns and new ones appear at the top.

For those curious, I haven't fainted now for several years. I seem able to feel the spells coming on and can avoid them by sitting down and lowering my head until the dizziness goes away.

Feel free to comment here, though, even if I'm not around. :)



Matt said...

Julie, another great column. Having someone there to help lift you up and revive you is always a wonderful thing.

Hope you have a great vacation - and be sure to pick up BBT's book!

SusansPlace said...

I've been feeling quite weary today, like I needed someone to hold me up and say "It will be ok". I didn't know why but after reading your column, perhaps I have a case of "spiritual vertigo".


Kansas Bob said...

What a heart warming vulnerable story Julie ... what a blessing to start my morning reading your column. I was so inspired that I also posted about Spiritual Vertigo referencing your column. Thanks for the inspiration.

SusansPlace said...


I attended a cooking class that was so much my beloved Austin, Texas. The atmosphere of the people, the town and doing something uplfiting sent the "spiritual vertigo syndrome" packing. ;-) Just wanted to say that today my spiritual vertigo didn't hang around very long due to getting up and getting going! Wish it was always that easy.
Another great column, Julie! I have a band of friends that I send your UPI column to weekly and they love it!

Susan :-)