Monday, June 12, 2006

A Rush of Blood to the Head

(not the CD, but my own very head!)

I took my kids to a rock climbing gym today. Yes, I climbed. I bouldered, belayed the two of them and climbed up several of the main faces. Noah has old shoes that fit me like a glove and a harness so I saved a few shekels on gear.

Jacob and Liam are like spiders - they just move all over the hand and foot holds without fear, and with lots of flexibility and youthful strength.

I mostly fell off the bouldering walls. :)

But what I am very proud of is the fact that I am extremely flexible for my age. I can rock climb! I can do it. And I enjoyed it so much, I came home on this endorphin high (not unlike what I feel after running). I had forgotten how good it feels to burn your muscles, to strain to reach a bit higher, to stretch my legs across a wall reaching for the tiny toe hold and then _ bam! got it.

I had this little epiphany up there.

Lots of people do this stuff all the time and instead of religion. It felt strangely freeing to focus all my attention on reaching the next purple crater with my three middle fingers rather than wondering what can be done about crazy 21st century Christianity.

My head cleared and I came home bouyant.

I want to run or climb or stretch into yogic poses every day. Let my body do the praying for awhile.


Bilbo said...

Hi Julie,
You go girl...Climb them rocks!...Try listening to Pearl Jam while you climb next time and I predict you'll really get a big rush and maybe a big epiphany if your lucky....Can really relate to your comment about "people doing this stuff all the time instead of religion."...As you know, I hike alot and since I went into self imposed exile from the Evangelical church I generally either hike or bike on Sunday mornings be brutually honest...I find it much more relaxing and inspiring than listening to sermons and being indoctrinated in a Sunday School class. Do miss the human interaction /face to face, talking about this or that but do continue to hob nob with a select group of Christian friends who didn't abandon me when I dropped out of sight at church....

isaiah said...


My "rush of Blood to the head" comes from white water rafting and hiking in the NC mountains (just like bilbo)! I find this 'church' more welcoming (who does it turn away?)and find myself lost, open to great epiphanies (sp?).

You are a wonderful mother and your children are blessed!

As far as missing the human interaction, bilbo...most everyone I meet on the river or on the trail....knows of our church and are members, full pledged.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie!

Rock climbing sounds like so much fun. I'm proud of you! I need to find some way for my body to do the praying! What is it the flylady calls it? Loving movement? ;-)

Today I had my "soul enriching" time while reorganizing kitchen cabinets and listening to Heart on my Ipod. "Crazy On You" made me miss Will! :-D