Sunday, January 08, 2006

Game Day

What a crazy city! I went down to our suburban Kroger's to buy a few snacks for the game today and everywhere I looked, black and orange jerseys, pennets, flags waving from cars, and scary looking black and orange cookies dominated the view. This city doesn't know it's uncool to be a raving fan! O.M.G!

Now you have to know me to know why this is such a big deal. I am ever on the hunt for a few good reasons to love Cincinnati since a) there is no ocean here and b) there is no beach. And besides, I love California weather, the LA Times, UCLA, and even the Los Angeles freeway system (freak that I am).

But one interesting thing about southern CA is the general aversion to being a "crazed fan." Sure you can paint your face and wear your jersey to the game but why would you be caught dead in said attire at the supermarket or on a date or while pumping gas? Postmodern irony demands that the "cool" be above all those kitschy group think cultural displays.

But this is where I am just not all that postmodern in my soul. I love being a fan! I like identifying with my city, my school, my rock band, my sports teams. You get this surrogate ego boost if your "thang" does well, and when else do you get to scream at the top of your lungs and no one cares? Thank you Cincinnati for understanding!

So Bengals, go get those Steelers and make your out of control fans happy! she said while sporting a long sleeved black T with carefully arranged orange scarf around her midrif...

W00t W00t!


Dave said...

Ugh. Sorry that your shot at big-time Pro-Cincy fandom came to such a swift and unseemly conclusion. Maybe the Reds will do better in baseball in '06 and give the locals something to cheer about (and give you a stronger sense of connection to your current environs.)

The Bengals had a shot at it after the first half - I thought Kitna was on his way to writing an inspirational story - but they had to deal with a significant experience gap vis a vis the Steelers and it looks like that's what caught up with them in the 3rd quarter.

It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll... Hope you're not too crestfallen. I imagine it's kind of a hard comedown for a lot of your neighbors though. Homefield advantage sure didn't count for much this weekend! Only the Patriots' faithful walked out of their stadiums with a smile after all was said and done.

julieunplugged said...

It's Palmer's injury that really got to me. I wanted this for him more than anyone else. He's just a great guy and such a good player. Turns out he really is as critical to the team as they say he is. Here's hoping he really will be back and ready toplay in July. Kind of an amazing injury and what awful timing.

Those Steelers sure looked like ferocious beasts half the time! LOL

I'm not too crestfallen. We had friends over and all of us had a great time anyway.

Thanks for your compassion. :)

Now onto basketball!

Dave said...

Yes, the injury to Palmer was just plain wrong. Very deflating for everyone involved. Even Steeler fans probably know that their victory was a bit on the cheap side. Pittsburgh has their hands full against Indy next week - I don't think they'll survive the next round in any case.

I don't give basketball that much attention. Just can't get into it. Maybe it's because I need a period of respite in between baseball and football seasons, especially since I am the "fantasy sports columnist" for both of the leagues I participate in and have writing duties to attend to. I enjoy a few months of a break from January until March.

Bilbo said...

Hi Julie,

Big sorries all the way around. My heart sunk, probably like yours, when Carson Palmer went down. They gave it a go for a half but on the big stage you can't lose your star and expect to win. Just the nature of the beast. But "try" to be of good cheer. They are young, hungry, and have a good coaching staff so you and the rest of the Bengal nation can expect alot of good things in the years to come. Fellow grief stricken football fanatic....Bilbo

julieunplugged said...

Jon tore the very same ligament 17 years ago and was treated at the Sports Center in Inglewood where the Lakers got treatment. We were remembering the recovery that Carson would have to go through.

Just so weird to think that a QB can go down like that if his line doesn't protect him better. It was a shock to everyone, I think.

I'm hoping that the Colts go all the way. How great for them! So sad about their coach and his son though. Wow... that's got to be rough.

I love basketball and especially college b-ball. Jon played too so he likes it as well. My dad loved basketball as well.

Ironically I have never been into baseball AT ALL. I have been to REds games and totally enjoy the experience, but not for the game. I just love the Great American Ballpark on the water, the fun of the way they conduct the games and so on.

Really, I grew up on hockey and it's funny that I don't follow it at all now.

I like college sports best.

julieunplugged said...

Yes, Bill, I feel ya! We are both sad this week. Funny how big a deal sports are in this nation - the money, the attention, the emotion! I was thinking about ancient Greek games and how I used to think it odd that the games were such a big deal totally missing the national obssession sports are for us, with our high priests (refs) and sacraments (the flip of the commemorative coin) and more.

I agree - the Bengals have a good future ahead. As does USC. :)

Did you see that Vince Young is going straight to the draft? I wonder if Matt Leinart regrets his decision not to last year...