Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Teen Logic 101

Teen in Fine Arts class: Dang it! The teacher destroyed my clay pot.

Johannah: No way! Why would he do that?

Teen: He said it looked too much like a bong.

Johannah: But it was a bong, wasn't it?

Teen: Yeah, but he didn't know that.


Johannah: Um, apparently, he did.


australisa said...

Glad that Johannah was there to help the unnamed teen connect the pieces.

Something tells me that even though she helped him/her put it together, he/she still doesn't see the whole picture. :-D

julieunplugged said...

This was an unnamed teen girl. :) Yes, I don't think she got it. But I got such a kick out of the interchange. :)


australisa said...

It was funny. I thought that it was a hoot that there was a good chance that the girl still didn't totally get it even after Johannah's enlightenment. :-)