Saturday, February 28, 2009

Urban Gardening

Does anyone do this? I read this article this morning (and why we ought to look at urban gardening as the "victory gardens" of this era).
Urban farming tackles all three issues. It could relieve strain on the worldwide food supply, potentially driving down prices. The influx of fresh vegetables would help combat obesity. And when you "shop" for dinner ingredients in and around your home, the carbon footprint nearly disappears. Screw the 100-mile diet — consuming only what's grown within your immediate foodshed — this is the 100-yard diet...

But what I love most here is the potential for cultural transformation. Growing our own food again would reconnect us to this country's languishing frontier spirit.

Once you realize how easy it is to make the concrete jungle bloom, it changes the way you see the world. Urban environments suddenly appear weirdly dead and wasteful. When I walk around New York City now, I see the usual empty lots and balconies and I think, Wait a minute. Why aren't we growing food here? And here? And here?
ETA: When and where to grow... Thanks for the tip Kidthinkers.


Dancingirl said...

I look at a vacant lot every time I go into our urban backyard and every time I do, I think what a great place for a garden! But... (Sometimes I really don't like that word!) I don't know who owns it. I haven't had a garden in years and really am not very expert at it. But... I could find out who owns it by knocking on a few doors and hey, it would be a good way to meet neighbors. :o

I may start small this year with a very small veggie garden in our side yard where there's lots of sun. We'll see.

Thanks for the post and links!

julieunplugged said...

I know - this all sounds so enchanting and healthy to me. I can totally picture you gardening like that Becky!

SUSAN said...

I am on the waiting list(2 years) to get a plot in "Sunshine Gardens". It's a community garden in Austin, Texas, and it's awesome.
Here's a link:
This garden was developed from some local land. I really like the idea of reclaiming eyesores.

I recently heard that there is a community garden in my hometown and I want to look into that.